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Which imported 18650 cell brand is the best?

June 10, 2021

First of all, the so-called best is based on your evaluation criteria.

1. Sanyo has taken over Panasonic. Sanyo's specialty is power batteries, while Panasonic's specialty is capacity batteries.

2. The characteristic of Sony battery is that the continuous output is quite violent, especially its VTC series with the maximum continuous output of 30A, and even above 30A. The internal resistance is relatively low.

3. South Korea Samsung and LG, is a relatively complete variety, cost-effective. There is no special prominent place, but among the imported cells, as long as there is no special requirements of high rate discharge, whether capacity type, or in the rate of discharge, the middle market is generally very popular.


So where does the subject favor? This is only limited to product positioning and the performance of a single cell:

High-end + volumetric choice Panasonic (Sanyo)

High-end + medium rate discharge Sanyo

SONY is the choice for high-end + high rate discharge or above 30A

Select Samsung or LG for medium + capacity type or medium rate discharge

SONY is selected for medium + high rate discharge or above 30A