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What's the difference between Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle?

July 21, 2020

Difference 1:

Passenger vehicles: cars within 9 seats, mainly used for riding, including SUV,MPV, racing zhi and family pickup truck, etc.

Commercial vehicles: all DAO trucks, special vehicles, military vehicles, engineering vehicles, all buses with more than 9 seats and tractors, agricultural vehicles, mining vehicles, etc.


Difference 2:

Passenger vehicle: A car that pulls people.

Commercial vehicle: for the purpose of profit, generally refers to trucks, large and medium-sized buses


Definitions of the two:

A passenger vehicle is defined as a vehicle which, for its design and technical characteristics, is primarily used to carry persons and their baggage/or occasionally objects, including drivers, up to 9 seats, which can be towed by a trailer.Passenger car concept: A passenger car is a vehicle designed and technically designed primarily to carry passengers and their carry-on luggage and/or temporary items, with a maximum of nine seats, including the driver's seat.It can also pull a trailer.

By this definition, what we commonly call cars, jeeps, certain multipurpose vehicles (or MPVS) fall into this category.Passenger cars cover cars, minibuses and light passenger cars with no more than nine seats.Passenger cars are subdivided into basic passenger cars (sedan), utility vehicles (MPV), sport utility vehicles (SUV), special passenger cars and crossover passenger cars.


For commercial vehicles, it refers to the vehicles, in addition to passenger vehicles, mainly used to carry people, goods and trailers;All commercial vehicles are further divided into passenger and freight vehicles.A truck is a commercial vehicle designed and equipped primarily for carrying goods.He divided them into dump trucks and tractors according to their USES.Dump trucks are mainly used in the construction of coal mines and industrial and mining areas.Tractors are mainly used for long distance logistics freight.The load bearing standards of freight cars are mainly divided into 10*4, 8*4, 6*4 and so on according to the driving type.The classification of passenger cars is often more detailed according to the length of the body and the number of seats.Divided into large, medium and light bus standards

Common models of commercial vehicles: pickup truck, micro card, light truck, micro passenger, from the unloading car, truck, tractor, trailer, special vehicle.



Here are some examples of common passenger vehicles.
















Common commercial vehicle models:

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