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What's the cost price of an electric car battery pack?

July 26, 2019

Recently, there is a piece of news about the cost price of electric car lithium battery pack, which makes many people confused. The battery pack is often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Why is it so cheap in this data? Let's take a quick look at the report first!

According to a report provided by UBS, the lithium-ion battery madd by Tesla and Panasonic is pushing down the cost continuously, reaching $111/KWh. It has become the industry's first and the second in the industry, about 20% better than LG Chem. Domestic battery maker CATL came in fourth, costing more than $150 per kWh.

According to the current technology level, the best is panasonic's 21700 new cylindrical lithium battery. That is NCA chemistry cells which uses the 811 route, also known as high nickel lithium battery cell. And nickel currently costs less than cobalt and manganese. And Panasonic reduced the cost of the battery to $111 per kWh. But we see that the cost of the cells does not equal to the cost of the entire battery pack!


Below are the cost of the cells and the cost of the entire pack.

The cost of power battery system consists of cell, structural parts, BMS, box, auxiliary materials, manufacturing costs and other comprehensive costs. Cells account for about 80% of the cost, and Pack costs about 20% of the cost of the entire battery Pack. The general cost of passenger car Pack is about 250RMB/KWh, and passenger car is about 230RMB/KWh. If the cell cost calculated at 1042 RMB/kWh and the pack cost calculated at 208-250 RMB /kWh, then the entire battery pack is about 1300 RMB/kWh.That is close to the current cost of a electric car lithium battery pack of mainstream battery manufacturers.

For lithium battery packs for other smaller applications, the cost probably will be higher. The smaller lithium battery pack is, the higher cost will be. Besides, lithium polymer (pouch shape) batteries are usually more expensive than cylindrical or prismatic cells, because polymer lithium ion cells still haven't have general internation standard and there are few manufacturers who can make polymer lithium ion cells very well.


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