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How to convert a gasoline car to be a hybrid electric car?

March 12, 2021

The cost of the full conversion is not cheap, but it is relatively easy to convert to be a hybrid. Here share two solution to converting a gasoline car to be a hybrid electric car.


Solution 1:

That is, the original everything is unchanged, but add a hub motor into the rear wheel. The lithium battery pack and the motor controller can be installed in the trunk.


Hub motor is the kind of electric scooter. The wheels directly provide the power without take up extra space. Replacing the original wheel to be hub-motor wheel is okay. Car hub motor is mature now.


In this way, you only need to turn the engine on when you are driving, mainly to provide the power needed for steering and braking. Hanging in neutral, the engine is idle (does not participate in providing the required power for forward). the car is driven forward by the rear wheel motor. The motor needs a separate throttle, which can be installed in the space by the left clutch pedal. The brake remains the same as before, but the throttle is changed to be on the left, so the original engine throttle and gearbox clutch pedal are not used.


Since the space in the trunk is limited and the battery is heavy, the average car can only be put several battery packs whose capacity is less than 10KWh. It's enough for the average commute in the city with not more than 50 kilometers.


When the battery runs out or you need to go fast, you just put the front wheels into gear and drive the car just as you did before.


Solution 2:

Another conversion solution is to string a motor directly on the engine output shaft, and the engine accelerator pedal drives the motor at the same time.But most cars don't have space in the engine compartment for an extra motor, so it can only be adopted for certain types of cars.


YM Power Tech Limited offer custom-made EV lithium battery pack as well as the hub motor and the motor controller.  If you are just in need, please feel free to contact us at sales@libatterypacks.com or whatsapp +86 13775259337. I think converting a gasoline vehicle to be a hybrid EV is more functional than a pure electric. What do you think of?