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Construction, Classification and Naming Rules of Lithium Battery Cells

March 10, 2020

I. Construction of lithium battery cells

The lithium cell is mainly composed of positive electrode material, negative electrode material, electrolyte, diaphragm and shell.

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II. Classification of lithium battery cells

Lithium batteries can be divided into two major categories: disposable non-rechargeable batteries and rechargeable batteries (also known as storage batteries).Non-rechargeable batteries such as lithium manganese dioxide batteries, lithium-thioamide batteries.

Rechargeable batteries can be divided into the following categories according to different circumstances.

1. According to the appearance: primatic lithium battery (such as ordinary mobile phone battery) and cylindrical lithium battery (such as power tools 18650);

2. According to the outsourcing material: aluminum shell lithium battery, steel shell lithium battery, soft package lithium battery;

3. According to the positive electrode materials: Lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2), lithium manganese oxide (LiMn2O4), ternary lithium (LiNixCoyMnzO2), and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4);

4. According to electrolyte state: lithium ion battery (LIB) and lithium polymer battery (PLB);

5. Divided by use: storage battery and power battery.

6. According to the performance characteristics: high capacity battery, high power battery, high temperature battery, low temperature battery, etc.


III. Naming rules of lithium batteries

Different manufacturers have different naming rules, but the common battery everyone follow the same standard, according to the name of the battery can know the size of the battery, etc.

1. cylindrical battery cell: generally 3 letters followed by 5 Numbers.

    3 letters: the first letter stands for negative material, the second letter for positive material, and the third letter, usually R, stands for cylinder.Five digits: the first two digits represent the diameter, and the last three digits represent the height.

2. prismatic battery cell: generally 3 letters followed by 6 Numbers.

    3 letters: The first two letters have the same meaning as a cylindrical battery, while the third letter is usually P, representing a square. Six digits: the first two digits represent thickness, the middle two digits represent width, and the last two digits represent height (length).



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