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  • China YM POWER TECH LIMITED company profile
  • China YM POWER TECH LIMITED company profile
  • Business Type

    Manufacturer,Exporter,Trading Company

  • Main Market

    North America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania

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  • No. of Employees


  • Annual Sales

    5-8 million

  • Year Established


  • Export p.c

    20% - 30%

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YM Power Tech Limited is a professional lithium-ion batteries supplier that offers custom-made services for different specifications of lithium-ion battery packs and system integration. Of course, lithium-ion cells, BMS chargers, etc can be supplied as well.


YM is our brand. YM has two meanings. That is Yoctometer(ym) Tech Powers Yottameter(Ym). Although Yoctometer tech now is hard to achieve (the most advanced level now is Nanotech), powering yottameter is much possible. Our aim is to use the most advanced technology to make the best lithium batteries.


YM's lithium batteries are widely used as power batteries for different kinds of electric vehicles, such as electric scooters, electric cars, electric motorcycles, AGV, golf carts, electric wheelchairs, etc. Besides, YM lithium batteries are also applied as storage batteries, such as for home solar storage systems, backup power supply, UPS, solar street light, RV, etc.


Except for pure lithium batteries, YM also offers solutions to the complete EV powertrain kit and the complete energy storage system, including not only lithium batteries but also motors, motor controllers, charge controllers, inverters, etc. OEM & ODM services are offered.

YM's products have won many national invention patents and some products have passed the CE certificate. At present, YM has cooperated with many low-speed electric vehicle manufacturers in China.


By 2019, YM has built an R&D center, domestic sales office, and production factory. Production factory covers an area of 2000+ square meters with 1 manual production lines and 1 automatic production line. The annual production capacity can reach 1GWh. The factory has got ISO9001 quality management system certified and ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.


In 2020, YM started to develop overseas business. It is believed that YM will do a good job in the international market!


In 2016, YM China mainland company was founded. The founder found that the domestic potential market for lithium batteries was huge. But the big obstacle was the price of lithium batteries. He came up with a good idea. That was to do a lithium battery leasing service to customers. The first group of customers was positioned as take-away deliverymen and express deliverymen. The battery sizes offered were 48V 20AH, 48V40AH, 60V 30AH, 60V 36AH,60V 45AH, and 72V 30AH. After one-year efforts, YM started turning a profit.


From 2017 to 2019, YM continued to expand the domestic lithium battery leasing business and at the same time, YM tried to sell lithium batteries to electric vehicle companies. During the 3 years, YM equipped lithium batteries for China's top 3 sightseeing vehicle manufacturers and established cooperation with Changzhou local top 5 express companies including China Post Code, ZTO Express, YTO Express, S.F Express for lithium battery leasing business. With such a not bad achievement, YM won a famous electric automotive manufacturer to invest him. As a result, YM can share the leading auto production lines of the electric vehicle manufacturer so that YM's production capacity can increase from 20MWH to 2GKWH. 


In 2020, YM established HK company YM Power Tech Limited to expand into overseas markets. Hong Kong as the world's famous financial center and free trade zone, it's more convenient to do international business and for brand promotion.


YM services include:

1. Lithium battery leasing (domestic market only)

2. Pure lithium battery pack custom design and made

3. Single lithium battery cell supply

4. Electric vehicle powertrain kit supply

5. Home use energy storage system / battery backup system solution supply

6. Lithium battery accessories supply, such as battery chargers, PCB or BMS, etc

OEM / ODM services are offered.


After-sale service policy:

A. For small battery packs, we offer 0.1%~0.5% backup batteries as spare parts so that no warranty period will be given any more

B. For large battery packs, NMC battery packs - 1 year, LiFePO4 battery packs - 2 years ;  LTO battery packs - 3 years.

C. For integrated kits or systems, the warranty period is negotiable.

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